Automation The Way You Want It.
What is Building Automation?

Since 1988, MPBAS has been the Phoenix-area leader in building automation. And what does that mean, exactly?

Using a range of cutting-edge technologies, we incorporate building automation services into your business. This means that facets of a building like HVAC, lighting, and other forms of energy consumption, can be regulated automatically through a software system.

What’s the benefit to you? Basically, we reduce your facility’s energy consumption, and therefore the work required to maintain it. This means big savings of a few kinds:

  • Cost savings – you spend less on labor, since these features of your building have now been automated.
  • Time savings – you no longer have to worry about your energy consumption being regulated properly.
  • Energy savings – your business will be functioning at a much greater efficiency, meaning less waste and less money spent.

How Does it Work?

The products we install are all open-protocol building automation systems (BAS) based on LonWorks, Bacnet and Modbus technology. Because automation means a commitment to the lifetime of a facility, we only use open-source products that can be easily maintained and updated as technology progresses.


You may be asking yourself – If there’s more than one option out there with the same technologies, why should I choose MPBAS?

The answer to that is simple. It’s not just the products we offer – it’s the knowledge, understanding, and trust we provide.

We’re a local company that understands the needs of the Phoenix-area. We’ve worked on every kind of community operation, from schools to corporate offices, and recreation center to airports, and we know firsthand that there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for a building’s needs. Being a community-oriented business allows us the time, resources, and perspective to provide automation the way you want it.

Licenses and Certifications

Automating your building isn’t a one-time job: it’s a huge investment in your business, and you need people you can trust. For that reason, all our service technicians and sales employees are factory-trained and -certified. And in order to maintain the highest standards of consistency and quality, all MPBAS installation crews are company employees, not subcontractors temporarily involved in a project. We’re as invested in your satisfaction as you are.


MPBAS has been servicing the metro Phoenix area since 1986. We hold both mechanical and electrical contractor licenses, and have Certified Energy Managers (CEM) on staff. We’re also a Salt River Project (SRP) Alliance partner and an Arizona Public Service (APS) Trade Ally, facilitating utility rebates through both companies.

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