2800 TOWER

CASE STUDY  2800 Tower, Phoenix, Arizona USA

Facility Type: Commercial High Rise  Circon System Integrator: MPBAS Building Automation


The 2800 Tower is a Class A 364,533 square feet, 21 story premier commercial high rise office complex located in the prestigious  Phoenix Midtown Submarket and managed by the Gaedeke Group.  Gaedeke Group is a professional full‐service real estate firm  providing investment, acquisition, leasing, management tenant representation construction management, and portfolio and asset  management services.  Their primary mission is to create high‐quality office environments by investing in well built, Class A office  properties across the USA.  


The 2800 Tower was built in 1986 and the original building automation system was installed using a closed and proprietary product,  which limited future expansion and integration.  The client sought a replacement system due to high levels of component failure and  the original system no longer being supported by the manufacturer.  A key project goal for the owner was that the new system had  to be based on an open control network platform and deploy industry leading open control products so that they would never be in  the same situation with product obsolescence or lack of choice in their future BAS service and support.

Additional project objectives were to maintain continuity of the existing system functionality by providing tenants with a telephone enabled override system to request afterhours HVAC control, and to ensure that the BAS upgrade was performed floor‐by‐floor  without disturbing the daily operations of the existing tenants.


The fully integrated, open protocol BAS solution provided by MPBAS made it possible for Gaedeke Group to have a seamless and  expandable network to control the 2800 Tower’s major facility functions.  MPBAS deployed a LonWorks based building automation  system Installed in phases floor‐by‐floor using multiple 3rd party LonWorks devices and software.  The Circon BAS allows for the  selection of best of breed products, implemented into one interoperable system, and with the new level of system control, the  owner was able to reduce operating time of the HVAC system by over 15% through enhanced scheduling and override sequencing.

Under the lease agreement with the tenants, the HVAC system was required to operate on Saturdays even though 90% of the facility  was unoccupied.  MPBAS’ solution was to program the system to allow the tenants who worked on Saturdays the freedom to  override their individual HVAC equipment without being billed for the time.  This resulted in a win for both parties as the lease  agreement terms were fulfilled and significant energy savings were achieved by the owner.     




  • Delivered a full featured, open and interoperable Building Automation  System
  • Circon heat pump, network management and graphical user interface  software control products
  • Implemented individual tenant  temperature and after-hours override  control
  • Provided a control system platform that facilitates future expansion and  integration  
  • A single LonWorks® network  
  • Multi−vendor control products  
  • Provided a cost effective networked solution  
  • A flexible and adaptable design


→ Integrated multiple vendor LonWorks components into one open system  

→ Provided efficient energy usage  

→ Delivered intelligent monitoring and control

Circon HVAC controllers control the 418 individual water‐source heat pumps, with Smart Controls programmable controllers controlling the two 200hp circulation  pumps and three fluid coolers. All HVAC controls are integrated onto a single, distributed network.


→ Centralized graphical user interface for monitoring and control  

→ Tenant override capabilities for afterhours system control  

→ Ethernet backbone

The implementation of Circon’s Visual Integrator software enabled the BAS components to be represented through a customized graphical user interface for the  owner. The password protection feature provides access to the information and status of each device on the LonWorks network for authorized users working from a  site computer.


  • 418 Circon Terminal Unit Heat Pump Controllers  
  • Circon Visual Integrator & Network Integrator Software  
  • 21 Loytec LIP33‐ECTB FT10/IP Routers   
  • 4 Smart Controls EC‐240 Programmable Controllers   

• Echelon LNS DDE Server.



Circon LonWorks

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