Hayden Ferry Lakeside Tempe is a new 10-story high-rise business complex that required start-of-the-art HVAC equipment, interactive sequences between complex system, a sophisticated and open Building Automation System, while keeping (management group)’s interface informative, intuitive, and down-to-earth.

Each floor of this impressive high-rise building has an extensive amount of HVAC control sequences between temperature, air flow, water, and pressure. MPBAS Building Automation Systems had  to design and implement a building automation system at could easily communicate across different HVAC equipment to make a complete unified and intelligent controls system.

At the very beginning, the design team was envisioning this to be an intelligent and sophisticated building. All of the parts for a complete tenant comfort control to communicate together and work as one complete system where the right-hand knows what the left-hand is doing. Each floor comprised of a VAV system with a single VAV AHU including internal redundancy. A Multistack lead Central Plant system located on the roof of the building along with individual space area heating provided what the tenants needed for true temperature control. And with as many occupants as the design team expected, a floor pressurization control is executed to maintain and provide ventilation of potentially harmful contaminants where needed.

MPBAS took on this challenge of a complete unified control HVAC system. With the flexibility, versatility, and overall power of the Tridium Niagara platform, (management group)’s interaction with all of the different systems is under 1 interface and easily manageable through any standard web browser. Distech controls powerful and customizable programming language along with BACnet/MSTP and BACnet/IP protocols allowed simple implementation and communication over all HVAC equipment. This interactive system using a BACnet open protocol can enable and disable only what is needed, reset temperatures and pressures, and actively and intelligently control this system, floor, area, and space to be best tenant comfort possible and better than expected energy usage.


Distech BACnet


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