Automation The Way You Want It.



Our controls solutions will meet your needs if it is a single package HVAC unit or a 5000-ton chiller plant.  Our service team works on all brands and extensive knowledge of complex systems.


Lighting has moved away from a switch on the wall to fully adjusted LEDS that can be controlled from your phone. We seamlessly integrate your lighting with HVAC controls to maximize your building’s performance.



Peak Demand

Our software continuously adjusts your building operation to optimize for your utility rate plan, weather and occupancy in real time.  You will pay the least amount of energy while not getting those hot calls.

Time of Use Alignment

Align your buildings equipment operation to maximize the benefits of your time use plan and prevent those expensive demand charges.

Load Shedding

We evaluate your building’s energy profile to set an upper limit of kW usage, and once that is exceeded, our software will start shedding equipment that has been predetermined by you.

Power Monitoring

Have real-time energy data when you need it.



Lighting Design

Anyone can change lamps, but few can design. We use the latest engineering grade lighting design software to provide the performance you want. We support you from the design to the implantation of your new fixtures.

Daylight Harvesting

By using the proper lighting fixture and controls combination, we can adjust the indoor light levels with the amount of ambient sunlight entering your building. You will save energy but also enhance the experience of your building.

LED Retrofit

With our design knowledge, our LED retrofit projects produce better light quality than previously experienced. There is so many LED manufacturers now it can be overwhelming to find a quality brand.

Pile of cash


Utility Rebates

Utilities do not make it easy to get your money from them, but we have the experts on staff to handle it on your behalf. Even if the project is with another vendor, we are here to assist.


Tax incentives and credits get overlook for energy projects. You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

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